IBM Z13: World’s Greatest Mainframe Computer?

New market forces are changing the face of every industry, requiring almost every business to transform and embrace digital business. This means supporting existing1966929_10200106983433423_4481134959648713714_n clients with new services and offerings, while helping new businesses and citizens gain access to products, services and societal benefits. A successful transformation requires an IT infrastructure that is efficient, secure, adaptive, and integrated. It must be designed to handle the explosive growth of increasingly mobile clients, be able to leverage vast amounts of new data, and provide deeper real-time insight at the point for greatest business impact. All deployed within a secure and resilient cloud ready infrastructure.

The IBM z13™ (z13) provides the infrastructure that will help differentiate a refined digital business. It offers the capacity and processing power to improve business performance and growth. The z13 helps better protect sensitive transactions to minimize business risk and client exposure, while helping to deliver on service level agreements for an exceptional customer experience. New economic efficiencies allow the z13 to offer more throughput and capabilities with less impact to the IT budget.